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What is
How many ads do I have to click to receive the Daily Click Bonus?
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How to register at
How to join
Is registration free?
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How many accounts can I have?
I forgot my password. What now?
My account was suspended what can I do?
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How can I share my reflink on Facebook and get FREE referrals?
How can I insert my reflink (banner) into forums?
Where can I find my referral link?
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Payments to Users
What is the payout minimum and maximum?
What payment methods do you support?
Do I have to upgrade to receive a payment?
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What bonuses do the memberships have?
Refback Memberships
What are PTR ads?
Which ads can I add?
How to click ads?
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How to create a PTC/Link Ad?
How can I use my 10 000 Banner Credits?
How can I buy credits for advertising?
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Refund Policy
Can you refund my money?
If I invest my money in your site, will I always earn more than Ive invested?
I can not find the answer to my question here, what can I do?
Using Bots
Where can I see from which countries are BestAurora4U members?
Mandatory Data
Mandatory data
FAQ Česky
Terms of Service (Obchodní Podmínky)
Jak mám klikat a vydělávat na klikačce BestAurora4U?
Jak vložit banner s reflinkem na forum?
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